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Motorcycle Safety

Lack of rider protection is a characteristic of all motorcycles. Research into devices to reduce rider injuries in crashes is ongoing. Because of the lack of coupling between motorcycle and rider (which would create an additional hazard), motorcycle-mounted rider protection systems have significant limitations. Because of these limitations motorcycle airbags have been under study for 30 years both as vehicle equipment and as a part of the rider’s apparel. Airbag-jackets and waistcoats have air pockets that fill with CO2 in an accident. This process is triggered by a ripcord that connects the jacket/waistcoat with the motorbike. When buying, look carefully at where the CO2 canisters are positioned. They should never be anywhere (e.g. chest) where they could injure you in a crash. While some (especially jacket makers) claim that airbag-jackets and waistcoats definitely add protection, most experts agree that at this time, the benefits and risks, such as undesired deployment, are still under investigation. While I have never owned a airbag jacket-- I did get a chance see them at motorcycle race/vender this summer. I think I will stay with my own Kevlar jacket for now--- at least until more data comes out on the effectiveness.


Airbag Jacket                          MC 20 Airbag


Airbag Jacket Igniter

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